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What Makes A Good Home Security System

What Makes A Good Home Security System

The interesting fact about what makes a good home security system is that it should guard your home while being unobtrusive at the same time. When you go to sleep at night with the alarm system activated, there should be a comfortable feeling of security as if you are barricaded within a fort surrounded by a moat. But no one wants to live in a home that looks like it belongs to the national defense system or is located in a war zone. There should be no barb wire fences or prison yard search lights in towers.

Yet, you want to feel like you certainly do have the best defenses possible in your home. Obviously, there will be certain features a home security system must have in order to achieve this level of effectiveness. You need to understand what kind of system will provide the most protection whether you live in a house, condominium, town home or apartment.

The first step is to list the places where someone could enter your home. These places include the front door, back door, first floor windows and basement exterior door and windows. Of course, burglars have entered homes by using unusual means too, including down chimneys or through roof skylights. Your list should include all areas of possible entry even if they seem silly or highly unlikely to be used.

Determining what makes a good home security system should also include an analysis of the exterior area around your home. Your best first defense against burglary lies in knowing the event is about to take place before it actually occurs. If you know someone is on your front porch before they jimmy the lock, your odds of stopping the event are much higher. Also, your yard at night is full of shadows and bushes which make great hiding spots. Your exterior security system should minimize the number of shadowed areas around your house.

A Comprehensive View

Security systems can be very simple or extremely elaborate. In all cases, what makes a good home security system is the ability to 1) keep unwanted persons out of your home, 2) give adequate notice that an unlawful entry is about to occur or already has occurred, and 3) provide other safety features for your protection such as a fire alarm.

There are other important considerations related to your home security system that have nothing to do with the system components. These considerations include deciding which brand security system to buy, the terms of the contract, and the ability of the system to be upgraded or expanded when necessary. Too many people don’t spend enough time analyzing the financial feasibility of the security system contract and find themselves stuck in an overpriced contract for an outdated system.

What makes a good home security system? A good home security system is one that doesn’t have any “holes” in it. "Holes" in this case means that the system doesn’t cover some of the possible places of entry, while leaving other areas vulnerable to illegal entry. The system should be low maintenance and reliable at all times.

Deciding which home security system to install is a major decision, because you – and your family – have a lot at stake if the system is inadequate.

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