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Alarm Systems For Apartments

Alarm Systems For Apartments

Apartment/dorm occupants are an easy target for burglars. As people are in and out of the apartment block all day long it is more difficult to keep non-residents out. You would know if a stranger was in your house but you may not know who is walking through the apartment block. So, the appropriate security measures need to be taken to ensure your apartment is safe.

There are several preventative measures that can be taken in order to be certain that your apartment is safe and secure. If you want to keep your expensive possessions safe such as computers, TV’s and Hi-fi’s then you need to take action. Most people only install an apartment alarm system after they have been burgled. Why wait until you have been broken into? Do it now before it’s too late.

You should be deterring the intruder before they even attempt to break into your apartment. Don’t give the impression you are not at home or have no security installed in your apartment. A really determined burglar will probably find their way in but most burglars are opportunists – which makes its easier for the homeowner to deter. You need to make breaking into your apartment as difficult as possible.

Use some common sense and make sure you take the normal security precautions before you leave your apartment such as closing all windows and doors before your leave the property. Some people leave notes for delivery people stating they will be back at a certain time – don’t do this – you are informing a burglar of how long they have to break into your apartment and clear it out. But of course the most sensible and wise thing to do is install an apartment burglar alarm system. An alarm system is vital in distracting intruders from breaking into your property.

There are two main types of alarm system, hardwired and wireless and both have their pros and cons. Wireless alarm systems are very popular as their reliability has improved over the last few years and their cost has reduced considerably. They are an ideal choice for the DIY’er which will save on installation costs. You can easily add more alarm sensor devices to a wireless alarm system such as extra PIR movement sensors or smoke sensors as required. Of course if you are renting your apartment then the wireless system can be very easily uninstalled and taken away to your new home.

Hardwired alarm systems are more permanent, more robust and will probably last longer. Also there is no need to change batteries like a wireless system. However, unless you are very competent with mains power wiring, the installation is best left to the professionals. Bear in mind that flooring and skirting will have to come up and there will be disruption for a few days. As they are more permanent, you cannot easily take them with you like a wireless system - it would be an expensive uninstall bill to have it took out and reinstalled into your new home. A hardwired alarm system will no doubt be a better, more professional solution and will be more reliable – but it comes at a price – as always, you get what you pay for.

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