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Wired VS Wireless Home Security

Wired VS Wireless Home Security

This article will be extremely useful for people who are currently on search of a home security system. Being on this stage involves one serious question that usually is rather complicated to be answered - which one should you choose - wired or wireless home security system?

Keep reading and you will find out who wins in the competition - wired vs wireless home security system.

To begin with it is essential to underline that both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so you should be ready for that you will not be able to find a perfect one no matter how hard you try.

(a) Wired Home Security Systems.

It is relatively easy to install this system. As a matter of fact, you can even do it on your own if you have some basic knowledge of electronic wiring. But of course, it is better to hire professionals to do this job.

As you understand, all components of this system, such as cameras, control panel, keyboard and so on, are connected via wires. That is the reason why it is better to install this system during some home improvement projects as this will help you to make cables less visible.

One of the greatest pluses of wired systems is that they are less prone to false alarms. Besides, it should be added that they involve minimum monitoring and maintenance.

(b) Wireless Home Security Systems.

The main dissimilarity and advantages of this system is its wireless work. It functions on radio waves. At the same time, this feature could be thought of as a minus because sometimes the device may react to some additional radio frequencies and consequently this may lead to false alarms.

To go into more details it should be mentioned that the battery must be checked on a regular basis in order to be certain that everything works as it should be.

As concerning the installation, there is a need to admit that it is really easy because cables are not incorporated.

What's more, you will be able to turn on or turn of the system via a small remote control.

So, it is up to you to decide who is a winner in a "battle" wired vs wireless home security. You should just evaluate the pros and cons of each and choose the one that is more suitable for your individual requirements.

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Good Home Security Recommendations

Good Home Security Recommendations

Home Security Advice

When the topic of home security springs to mind, most people seem to think of burglar alarms and little to nothing else. Alarms can be a great way to protect your home, although they are only a small part of what makes up an effective home security system.

Burglar alarms are a key to protecting your home – although there are other things you'll need as well.

Believe it or not, the windows are actually the key to home security. Homes that have poor constructed windows tend to get broken into a lot more than homes with secure and sturdy windows. When you are dealing with your windows, you should make sure that you have tough glass and locks that fit to the windows.

When you are away from home, you should always make sure that your windows are locked. Even though some windows may be hard to reach, you should always lock them. Burglars make a living out of stealing – and they will normally find a way in if they see the opening.

Home security is moving beyond strong locks and a guard dog and requires more vigilant standards. With burglars coming out into the day time and carefully planning their not-so-random attacks, safeguarding your home with a complex home security system requires you to put as much thought into it as the burglars do.

Along with the windows, doors are also known to be a weakness of security around the home. Doors should always be strong and sturdy, complete with tough locks that aren't easy to force open. If you have a spare key, you should be careful where you leave it. Losing your keys can also make you a target, especially if you have anything on your key ring that reveals your home address.

Home Security Shutters look great and add value to your home while adding greatly to the integrity of your home security defence system. They come in a range of colors and are usually custom made to fit the exact specifications of your windows.

The key feature of home security shutters, which make them an attractive security option, is their ability to secure all glass window areas in your house.

To better protect their homes, most people choose to invest in a home surveillance system. These systems are great for monitoring the home, as they can record video and keep it stored for you to view later. If you travel a lot, a home surveillance system can be an ideal way to keep a check on your home while you're away.

Home security systems and security cameras are not the only way to guarantee home security, but a good way to protect your home is with security cameras, if your budget can handle it.

Guard dogs are also common with home security as well. A guard dog can protect your home from burglars, thieves, and other types of trouble. Guard dogs can be very handy to have around, as most dogs are more than capable of scaring away trouble with their bark. The only downside to guard dogs is the fact that you'll need to train them and ensure that they always have food and water.

Last, but certainly not least are burglar alarms. Burglar alarms can be effective to an extent, although they are primarily good for scaring thieves away. If you put an alarm in a visible location from the outside of the home, most burglars won't even attempt to enter your home.

Even though burglar alarms are great for scaring off thieves – you'll still need to have other areas of your home safe and secure as well to get the most of your home security.

By: Rick Roberts

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