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Improving Your Home's Security With Modern Solutions

Improving Your Home's Security With Modern Solutions

Home security is a big thing these days. Burglars are becoming really crafty, and no matter where you live, you likely aren't perfectly safe. Because of this, it's important to know what you can do to make your home safer and more difficult to penetrate - and if you need to do that, there are plenty of good solutions available on the market these days! All you have to do is get in touch with a good home security firm, discuss your situation with them, and they'll take things from there.

Let's get this out of the way first though - knowing that you're working with a good company is not simply important, it's critical when it comes to home security. When you're hiring a painter, the worst that can happen if they're not very experienced is that you'll end up with a messy paint job. With a security firm, you're letting people inside your home to set up its security and you give them the opportunity to learn all there is to know about how safe your home is.

You can probably guess where we're going with this. If you don't know who's working on your home's security, then how do you know that these same people won't come back to exploit your home's weaknesses a week later? This is why it's so important to hire a good, reliable home security company that's been on the market for a while. Good companies in this field understand these concerns of their customers, and they perform thorough screenings and check-ups on their employees to ensure that there is no risk.

Now that we've covered that, let's see what exactly you can get to make your home safer. Alarm systems are a must nowadays. They're not very expensive, they can fit in any home, and they're a great deterrent for thieves in general. An alarm works in two ways - it doesn't only alert the police that your home is being invaded, but it also works very well for scaring the thieves off your property and deterring future robbing attempts. Sometimes you can even have the alarm laid out in a way that it's immediately visible from outdoors, scaring most of the burglars that would consider robbing your home.

A camera or two here and there can also have some great results. They work especially well for larger homes which can be more difficult to cover adequately with regular alarm systems. Good cameras for security don't cost a lot of money, and they're easy to install as well. Whether or not you'll have the camera streaming constantly or recording is up to you, although both can be very smart ideas if you really want to protect your home and ensure that potential successful thieves can be prosecuted later on.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tips on Selecting the Best Home Security System

Tips on Selecting the Best Home Security System

This articles offers insightful information on the benefits of investing in a quality home security alarm, the various components of security systems in the market today as well as tips or guideline on what to look for when shopping for a security solution or system for your home.


The biggest and most important benefit of home security alarms is that they help keep you and your dear ones safe.

In addition to that such security systems help users stop possible intrusions and catch burglars by offering recorded data or clips of intruders.

As is the case with most other products on the market home security systems come with their own set of pros and cons.

It is for this reason that security system or alarm shoppers have to do their homework before setting out and making an actual purchase.

Going through various home safety system websites and reading reviews from individuals who are using such products goes a long way in helping you identify whether or not the security alarm or system you wish to purchase is effective, reliable and meets your needs.

Components of Home Security Systems:

The large number of emerging security solution firms cropping up in the market today makes it harder and sometimes even annoying for home owners or security system shoppers to identify or select the best security alarm option for their needs.

Though there are quite a number of home safety system features offered by various companies in the market the following is a check list of basic features an effective security system should have:

Sounding bell or device

Switches or sensors

Control panel

Power supply from main with an added options of external battery back up

Selecting the best security system for you home security needs:

The most important thing to do before purchasing a home safety system is identifying your home alarm needs.

Doing so allows you to have a better understanding of what products and product features would best suit your needs.

When you have identified your needs, the next step involves you comparing product features prices and functionality so as to determine what options to go with.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Home Securities That Could Keep Yourself Safe

Home Securities That Could Keep Yourself Safe

Self-defense devices are getting more and more popular each day. A lot of states had already legalized their use since every person has the right for his safety and protection.

We need to be very prepared every now and then especially these days wherein a lot of people with bad intentions are just watching and observing for their next victim.

Simple devices such as tasers are already being used by many individuals as weapons.

Teenagers, seniors and even young adults are even using it to defend their selves from burglars, assailants and robbers. However, you have to make sure that carrying these weapons is allowed and legal to your country or state.

In purchasing a stun gun, make sure that instructions and directions are included in the package.

Study those guidelines so that you will know how to use it properly. You might get startled once the two prongs will emit a blue light as you pulled the trigger. Therefore, you really have to be physically and mentally ready.

By holding it properly, you will never stun your own self.

When you leave alone, it would be best to keep a self-defense weapon at your home.

This would definitely save you in case of emergency situations especially when an intruder is about to barge in.

Stun gun is one of the most familiar weapons being used at home. Usually, it is battery operated.

But nowadays, since technology keeps on advancing, new models have built-in and rechargeable batteries.

Its designs may be similar to a flashlight or mobile phone. Once the prongs are being pressed against the assailant's skin, he will surely receive a high voltage electricity that would disable his actions but with no long-term effects.

During the first few seconds, he will lose balance, coordination and even consciousness.

When that happens, it would be your best chance to escape or call the police officers.

The use of taser or stun gun will not cause a permanent damage to the human body. Its use is only intended for short-term effects and is always reversible.

As a result, it would definitely save a person from extreme danger against attackers.

On the other hand, it will only be effective when proper application has been used.

It is easy to use a taser especially when you already familiarized its parts. Today, aside from surveillance camera at home, weapons are already being stored too.

Most parents would even send their children to a martial arts program just to ensure that their kids will be able to fight back when being bullied or kidnapped.

As this world becomes more dangerous each day because of robbers, thieves, burglars, assailants, etc. experts along with the government were able to promote home safety through security devices.

Therefore, you don't have to be afraid at night so long you have good illumination system, surveillance cameras and a stun gun.

By having these items, you will always have peace of mind all the daylong especially during sleeping hours.

Cori Baker enjoys writing for which offers taser gun and stun gun for sale as well as a host of additional products.

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

There are many people out there that want to have the piece of mind in knowing that when they are home alone, asleep, or away from home they can rest assured that they won’t be surprised by having their home invaded by criminals. Besides contacting a home security company that can install and monitor an alarm system that will add to your sense of security, you can also do a few things that will make a criminals job riskier and much more difficult, thereby decreasing the odds that you’ll suffer from either a burglary or home invasion in a worst case scenario. Here are a few home security tips that will make your home safer and more secure:

1. Protect your home with a dog. Burglars avoid homes where a dog can not only alert the neighbors, but can also end up attacking them. By far this is the most effective method of home protection aside from a professional home security system.

2. Secure your entry points. Storm windows and doors can not only protect you from bad weather and stabilize your home temperatures that will save money on your power bill, but they can make it extremely difficult for a burglar to get past when trying to break in.

3. Use motion sensor lighting on the exterior of your home. Thieves are most successful when they aren’t detected, and they usually try to work under the cover of darkness when possible. When a thief sees a light come on when he’s attempting to break in, the question immediately arises in his head of whether or not somebody has detected him, and will most often leave the scene as quickly as possible instead of taking the chance that they’ve been caught and authorities have been contacted.

Even though these tips are in no way a plausible substitution for a professional home security system, they can help supplement what the professional alarm companies provide. When you consider that most alarm systems that are supplied by the professional companies are usually well built and won’t cost you anything except the monthly monitoring of the system, then it’s much more cost efficient to go with a professional system over a DIY alarm kit that can be easily by-passed by a burglar. From what I’ve found, most companies that provide home security monitoring usually charge around $30 a month, and when you take into account that for $1 a day you won’t have to worry about break-ins, then it’s well worth the expense.

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For more information on obtaining a professional home security system, contact the people at Ralarm to see how they can help you in making your home, family, and property more secure.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Home Security Has Come a Long Way in the Past Century

Home Security Has Come a Long Way in the Past Century

Having top-notch home security can mean the difference between feeling vulnerable and feeling in control of your home and family. Home security has come a long way in the past century; as burglars have become more sophisticated, so have the means to repel them.

The Garza family of Houston, Texas thought their home was secure. They locked their doors. They lived in a good neighborhood. What more home security should they need? But one Friday afternoon they came home to a broken window and a ransacked house. Their TV, other electronics, even the kid's bikes, were gone. "How could this happen in broad daylight?" Asks Ed Garza. "The criminals are getting braver."

Clever Criminals

They aren't only getting braver, they're getting smarter. Criminals watch families closely to learn their habits, when they're home, when they're not. 40% of break-ins occur in the middle of the day while the family is at work or school. Burglars know that during the day there are likely to be fewer people around to keep an eye on the neighborhood, and they can treat homes like candy shops. Night is no longer the common criminal's only time on the job. They prowl at all hours, so your home security system must be ready and in place 24 hours a day.

Security is moving beyond strong locks and a guard dog and requires more vigilant standards. With burglars coming out into the day time and carefully planning their not-so-random attacks, safeguarding your home with a complex system requires you to put as much thought into it as the burglars do.

The basics: strong locks, trimmed back bushes, and nosy neighbors, are a good start, and you should make those the foundation for your home security system. But these days, a home security system requires a comprehensive network of components working together to protect your family from burglaries, fires, and other emergencies.

How a Wired or Wireless Home Security System Works

Wired or wireless, an alarm system does two things: when triggered, it not only lets out a shrill noise to draw attention to your home and scare away the intruder; it also alerts security personnel to the security breach and sends help right away.

There are many kinds of alarm systems. You can choose an alarm home security system that detects motion or an alarm system that detects window breakage or door entry.

Motion Sensor Home Security System

A motion sensor home security system detects unauthorized movement in or around your home. It senses infrared energy given off by a person in a secured area. On many motion sensor home security systems, an alarm is signaled only when the sensor is armed and the viewed energy has the correct temperature, motion, and timing associated with a burglar, thus safeguarding against false alarms. This sophisticated type of system is pet-proof, so Fido or Fluffy won't set off a false alarm, while Bruno the Burglar will be caught in the act.

A Window Break Home Security System

The other kind of alarm home security system is the window break system. Burglars love to break into windows, which, compared to doors, are much less secure. But a window break system detects when the glass is broken or the window is open without authorization, preventing burglars from simply smashing in a window and coming inside. If the Garza family had this sort of alarm system, chances are the burglar would have run away before stealing anything.

This type of home security system reduces the incidence of false alarms and break-ins. Simply affix the sensor to your window and it will safeguard your home.

Benefits of Any Home Security System

When you install a home security system in your home, you will enjoy decreased home insurance rates because insurance companies like knowing you have taken active steps to prevent damage and property loss in your home. Some home security system software also monitors your home and family for protection from fire and health emergencies as well.

A home security system can be a direct line to 911 -- the police, fire department, or ambulance. In the event of a break-in or other sudden emergency while you are home, you can hit the panic button and help will be on the way, thanks to your system.

The benefits of installing a home security system include:

o Permanent, 24-hour surveillance

o "Pet-immune" motion sensor systems available

o Security fits any size home

o Coded security power on/off puts you in control

o Preventive security as well as useful surveillance security

A Wireless Security Camera Home Security System

You have alarms, now how about some extra watchful eyes to guard you? A wireless camera home security system monitors you home with video surveillance that can capture any unsavory activity that can be used in court or used to protect your family from activities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Benefits of a Wireless Security Camera Home Security System

o Easy to set up

o Cost efficient personal surveillance system

o Transportable, can move from room to room or house to house

o Send signals through walls and floors

A wireless security camera makes video surveillance easy, portable, and cost effective. Have your eyes peeled all the time with a wireless security camera.

Check out all we have in wireless security camera technology.

We also have wired security cameras for more permanent home security system surveillance.

Fire Alarm Home Security System

A system should include security from fires as well as from foe. Fires are a real threat to your home and family. Consider these statistics:

o There were 1,584,500 fires in the United States in 2003

o Fires resulted in 3,925 deaths, 18,125 injuries, and $12.3 billion in damages

o Residential fires represented 25.4% of all fires and 77.4% of structural fires

Fire alarms are a key part of your system. A fire alarm system alerts your family to danger and gets them safely out of the house. The early alert of a fire alarm system can also prevent a fire from actually destroying the structure of your home, protecting not only your loved ones but your house and what's inside. Home fire alarms should be a standard feature of your system.

Home fire alarms belong in every bedroom, plus the hallway, kitchen and den.
At a very low cost, home fire alarms save thousands of lives a year. There's simply no reason for home fire alarms not to be in every security system in America.

Explore our amazing collection of powerful lifesaving fire alarms.

The Power of a Comprehensive Home Security System

This combination of fire alarm, video surveillance, and 24-hour security monitoring will ensure that your home is under the utmost protection of a complex, sophisticated home security system. The Garzas learned their lesson the hard way. Don't wait until it's too late to start fending off burglars- outwit them at their own game by preventing all of their usual tricks. A little thought goes a long way in building a successful system.

Ralph Winn has over 35 years of education and experience in the security industry. Are you one of the many Americans who have begun to look into improving their home security? This is an important matter and the Home Security Store offers the best protection against burglary and vandalism.

Stay up to speed with breaking security news and technology.

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