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Going On Vacation? Secure Your Home!

Going On Vacation? Secure Your Home!

Secure your home while you’re away and you will be thankful you did! There are a number of home security systems available today. Home security and fire safety are two things you should always discuss when moving into a new home or opening a new business. Fire safety is a number one issue that is rarely discussed in the home or office, so it is important that you and family or employees discuss how to exit the home/office in the event of an emergency.

Getting a security alarm system is very beneficial to keeping your family/office protected from thefts. Security alarm systems are very advanced and can be connected to your local police and fire stations. If the alarm is tripped, the police/fire station will be contacted and will call your home to make sure everything is ok. If you do not respond, they will send over officers/firemen to investigate the situation. This type of alarm system is wonderful and can make your family feel extremely safe. It is important to note that security alarms that function in this manner usually cost an extra fee to have the police or fire station to respond. But isn’t it worth it to have your family or business safe from theft or fire?

If you have a large home or business, investing in a security surveillance system is ideal. Security surveillance systems can be wired the same way as a regular alarm, yet also include video panels so that you can keep watch over every inch of your home or business. The ability to watch over your entire home or business is a great tool and an even better investment. But only purchase something of this magnitude if you have an extremely large home or business where there can be many parts that are unseen on a daily basis.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Houston Security Systems - Protecting Your Home

Houston Security Systems - Protecting Your Home

The holidays are a time for sharing warm memories with family and friends, celebrating another year together. It should be a happy time for all, a time of giving and receiving gifts both tangible and intangible.

Unfortunately, unless you have a hired a Houston security systems company to provide assurance for your safety, you may find that your happy season can become frustrating—and even frightening. Intruders see the holidays as a great opportunity to steal cash, credit cards, electronics and other valuables from unsuspecting homes and may ruin your otherwise joyous season.

A home alarm is the best way to protect your Houston home, but if you are not sure that you are ready for security alarm systems by a professional Houston company, you might also consider implementing the following safety measures on your own:

• Don’t make your tree too visible. Burglars generally look for an easy entry, fast grab and quick escape. Make it difficult for them to tell if your house is full of Christmas gifts by placing your tree in a less visible place.

• Don’t advertise your absence. Occupancy clues like outdoor lights burning all day long, piled up papers and flyers and other clues will let burglars know that you are away for the holidays. Instead, use a light timer when you are going away, and ask a trusted neighbor to keep your driveway clear of paper and other debris.

• Don’t hide a spare key near the front door. Experienced burglars know that many homeowners keep a hidden key near the front entrance, don’t prove them right. Instead of hiding a key above the door ledge, under a rock or in a flowerpot, give it to a trusted neighbor. It is also a good idea to give that same neighbor the code to your home alarm in case of an emergency when you are not in your Houston home.

• Lock doors and windows. The vast majority of burglars would rather enter through an unlocked door or window, so keep all entrances locked securely. Most Houston security systems companies pay close attention to these areas; but holiday lights can pose a singular problem if an extension cord is run through a window and prevents it from closing securely.

• Refrain from posting your name on the mailbox. If you post your name, a burglar could simply call directory assistance, get your phone number and call to make sure you are not home prior to the intrusion.

• Leave a vague message on your answering machine. Houston security alarm systems cannot do the little things like leave a smart outgoing message on your answering machine, which means you will have to do this yourself. Never say that you are away for the holidays or when you will return, because then a prospective burglar will know how much time he or she has to go through your home.

• Don’t pile up empty boxes from big-ticket gifts. Never advertise your new Christmas gifts by piling up empty boxes, since it only lets burglars know what they can hope to steal from you. It’s best to break them down and cut them up to better conceal the items.

• Fortify your home. Keep your home as safe as you can by installing solid core doors, heavy duty door locks, and longer screws in every lock strike plate and door hinge. Above everything else, opt for Houston home security systems, including a home alarm, if you want to take every available precaution against intruders.

For information about security systems for your Houston home, or to get advice about how you can take safety precautions yourself, contact Safeguard Home Security at 800-785-6488.

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