Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to Check a Home Security System

How to Check a Home Security System by eHow Home & Garden Editor

After choosing the right home security system for you and your family, it's time to make sure everything is working properly.

Keeping your home safe is what the security system has been installed for, but making sure it is in working order is the key to staying safe night after night

Step 1:
Set the alarm off intentionally to make sure the alert sounds are loud enough and can be heard throughout the house. Not only does this verify that everything works correctly, it also helps you and your family knows just what to expect in case of emergency. Professionals recommend testing your alarm system at least once each month.

Step 2:
Check each security box to make sure the batteries are fresh. If someone breaks into your home and a portion or all of your alarm system isn't in proper working order, then your safety is at risk. Double check each battery every six months to determine whether or not you should change them out.

Step 3:
Ask questions of your home security system provider. Many times there is so much to remember when setting up your alarm system and some people simply forget to ask questions about the specifics of testing your particular system. Simply pick up the phone and give your service department a call to find out what should be done to keep your alarm system up to date.

Step 4:
Double check your land line and make sure your phone is working properly. Most security systems run in conjunction with your home phone line and have a tendency not to work correctly if there are any problems with the line.

Step 5:
Examine your system to see what is missing from your alarm. Many companies offer all kinds of additions that might be necessary or helpful for both you and your family. Look at what features you think would make you safer each night.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Home Security Tips - Shocking Ways to Prevent Home Invasion

Home Security Tips - Shocking Ways to Prevent Home Invasion by Jack Krohn

Just in the last few days here in Colorado Springs there has been a huge surge of home invasions. It seems to be the crime of choice any more.

As recently as two years ago the term was barely in its' infancy; hardly a soul had heard of it. By way of explanation "home invasion" is a term coined by police departments to describe a home burglary when the occupants are home. As you may know most burglaries happen when the occupants are gone.

Since the possibility of a confrontation is drastically heightened, the odds of injury or death to the occupants go way up. Not to mention the old saying of 'man's home is his castle' the occupants are violated by the perps in a home invasion.

That's what is so scary about these crimes-the very real possibility of assault, injury, rape, or even death to you and members of your inner sanctum-your family.

Believe it or not 90% of all home invasions are preventable according to police experts. Of all crimes 17%, or one out of six a home was entered by the bad guys. A burglary happens every 15 seconds. AND perhaps the most important stat is this: The average burglar will spend no more than 2 minutes trying to get in.

Just think about it. If you can find a way to keep the bad guys out for two minutes chances are pretty good they'll find another target.

NOW THE SHOCKER! Most home invasions happen right thru the front door. Seriously! Either the occupants open the door or the door is forced open. No matter-THE FRONT DOOOR. I mean c'mon what is the peephole for?

Are you one of those trusting folks (like I used to be) that when you answer the doorbell or a knock at the door you automatically open it? Be Honest. Once you open the door an inch or two it doesn't take much to force it open all the way.

Make sure you have a peephole, deadbolt locks that you actually lock and if possible solid hardwood doors. And last but not least your home should have at least two maybe three locations (one by the front door) where you keep non lethal self defense weapons such as pepper sprays, stun guns, or maybe even a Taser.

Remember that the home intruder, like the burglar, has three big enemies light, sound, and time. The more obstacles you can put in his way the safer your home will be. For sure keep your front door locked and don't open it until you know who it is.