Friday, April 20, 2012

Home Security Tips

Home Security Tips

There are many people out there that want to have the piece of mind in knowing that when they are home alone, asleep, or away from home they can rest assured that they won’t be surprised by having their home invaded by criminals. Besides contacting a home security company that can install and monitor an alarm system that will add to your sense of security, you can also do a few things that will make a criminals job riskier and much more difficult, thereby decreasing the odds that you’ll suffer from either a burglary or home invasion in a worst case scenario. Here are a few home security tips that will make your home safer and more secure:

1. Protect your home with a dog. Burglars avoid homes where a dog can not only alert the neighbors, but can also end up attacking them. By far this is the most effective method of home protection aside from a professional home security system.

2. Secure your entry points. Storm windows and doors can not only protect you from bad weather and stabilize your home temperatures that will save money on your power bill, but they can make it extremely difficult for a burglar to get past when trying to break in.

3. Use motion sensor lighting on the exterior of your home. Thieves are most successful when they aren’t detected, and they usually try to work under the cover of darkness when possible. When a thief sees a light come on when he’s attempting to break in, the question immediately arises in his head of whether or not somebody has detected him, and will most often leave the scene as quickly as possible instead of taking the chance that they’ve been caught and authorities have been contacted.

Even though these tips are in no way a plausible substitution for a professional home security system, they can help supplement what the professional alarm companies provide. When you consider that most alarm systems that are supplied by the professional companies are usually well built and won’t cost you anything except the monthly monitoring of the system, then it’s much more cost efficient to go with a professional system over a DIY alarm kit that can be easily by-passed by a burglar. From what I’ve found, most companies that provide home security monitoring usually charge around $30 a month, and when you take into account that for $1 a day you won’t have to worry about break-ins, then it’s well worth the expense.

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