Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Home Security Secrets to Prevent a Burglary

Home Security Secrets to Prevent a Burglary
By Andy J Jones

Ask yourself this question. Do you want to be the next victim of crime? So many homeowners do not act and address their home security needs. They wait until they have been burgled as a prompt to look at their home security. Prevention is always better than cure so why not take action today before it's too late. Follow these great tips to transform your home security so you are not the next victim of home burglary.

Is doesn't have to cost a fortune to improve your home security. A few simple things can be done around the house that will make significant improvements. For example, its obvious, but how many people forget to securely lock their doors behind them when they go out the house? You'd be surprised - it happens a lot! Turn on a light or two if you plan to go out then return later in the evening when its dark. Better still, timer switches for your lights can be purchased inexpensively and these give a more realistic impression that someone is at home.

Outside your home, it is advisable to fit outdoor security lighting to the exterior of your property and the burglar does not want to be seen whilst breaking into your home.

Again, these devices can be bought inexpensively and installed fairly quickly. Be sure to get an outdoor security light that has a PIR motion detector sensor to trigger the light if movement has been detected.

Look around your yard. When is the last time you trimmed your bushes, hedges, trees and shrubs? These can actually provide an aid to the burglar as they hide behind them and use them to their advantage. Make sure you regularly trim all overgrown foliage in your yard. Most people have a shed or garage in their yard.

Is it secure? Tools are usually kept in these and often a set of ladders. These are all very useful implements for the burglar to use to break into your property. Burglars actually travel quite light - so evidence cannot be found if they get stopped and questioned either before or after a burglary - so they break into your shed to either steal tools, or use them to gain entry to your property. So, check all locks on shed and garages and secure them if required.

By following a few simple tips, your home security will be improved so you can sleep easy at night. Make the burglar move on and don't be the next victim of burglary.

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