Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lighting Control

Lighting Control by david Mize

Lighting Control-- The most basic home automation system is light control. Operating lights through home automation is a function of both convenience and home security

As a matter of convenience, with a remote control or a timer, you have the ability to dim lights or just turn them off and on. The remote empowers you to change the intensity of the light from any position or area in the house. Before home automation, you would have to get up out of your chair or bed to turn the lights off or on. With a home-automated system, a remote control or a timer will do the moving for you.

As a matter of security, remote or timer operated lights are highly effective resources. Most intruders will only invade a dark home when they think no one is there. By placing your lights on an X-10 or another home automation controller, you can easily make it look as if you are home when you are away.

The control has the ability to activate several appliances—television, lights, radios – at various times throughout the day to give the impression of human presence. Not only at specifically programmed times, but you can also program the timers to alter times. With this unique programming, anyone watching your house will not see methodical automation. Instead, there will appear to be a definite human presence since the timing on the lights will not be mechanical

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