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Laser Home Security - Inside, Outside, All Around Your Home

Laser Home Security - Inside, Outside, All Around Your Home
By David Faulkner

Laser home security alarms, which create beams of laser light, can be installed either around your homes exterior perimeter or in your homes’ interior rooms. If installed on your home’s exterior, the alarms can be positioned at set intervals high enough above ground level to give your home’s perimeter complete protecting from intruders by sounding an alarm when the beam of light is penetrated.

Exterior Laser Home Security

Laser home security perimeter alarms are among the most costly home security equipment available, but are popular because they can be concealed beneath the homes shrubbery and are easy to arm and disarm. They will neither harm the lawn or other landscaping around a home, nor damage any lawn ornaments or furniture.

Laser home security perimeter alarms are also ideal for use around the perimeters of swimming pools, where they can be set to project light beams between one and two feet above ground level, and sound an alarm whenever a small child approaches the pool.

Like other security alarms, laser home security systems can be installed so that they alert local police as soon as their light beams are disturbed and the alarm sounds. Having this feature is becoming essential; the increasing numbers of car alarms which sound with regularity have desensitized people to the sound of an alarm. So you can’t depend on your neighbors to notify the police if your laser home security alarm should be triggered in your absence.

Interior Laser Home Security

You can purchase an interior laser home security device capable of covering a room of up to eleven hundred square feet with its sensors, and signaling its master control unit when its light beam is broken. The control unity will then sound an alarm; if you pay a modest monthly fee for a monitoring service, they will contact the police for you. One of these systems has a device to prevent your pets from unnecessarily tripping the alarm.

Most interior laser home security systems are compact and very simple to install; they will ply into your regular telephone jacks and power outlets, and can be connected to the master alarm control and to each other with a remote. The monitoring company will first contact the homeowner in the event of a laser home security alarm sounding, and then contact law enforcement if necessary.

Most laser home security systems come with a one-year warranty on parts and labor, which will be upgraded to a lifetime warranty for those who use the monitoring systems. And they have backup batteries which keep them functional even during power failures.

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